About Warpedia

Warpedia is a project developed and maintained by Frostfire Studios to provide a encyclopedia cover topics of war, from individual battles, to large-scale theaters. Our goal is to provide historically accurate information for free to all users. All content is free to use for education and projects.

Warpedia Editing

Our encyclopedia is not a Wiki. Edits are made by hand-selected "editors" to ensure that all content is verified and reviewed, while also preventing vandalism and lower maintenance time.

Because we are not a Wiki, and our content is all researched and created by a selected group of editors, this site is by no means comprehensive. Building content takes time, and thus for now our articles are very limited. Our eventual goal is to document all war history, one article at a time.

Quick Site Overview

Our website is segmented into several different sections. These are...

Within these different sections are our main articles, handcrafted and researched by our editors to provide historically correct information. Articles have a navigation panel on the left side for users to easily access article data quickly, making your research easier.

To the right of the main article content is a column which may contain simple statistics and quick facts about a given topic. This allows for quick number pulling when you are in a crunch for your research paper, without going through the entire article.

If you are having issues finding something with the article navigation and quick-facts column, use Ctrl+F on your keyboard to open your browser's search panel. This can directly pull what you are looking for. If you are still unable to find something you believe should be in an article, please contact us at webmaster@warpedia.net

Finally, we include Google Ads on the far left of our website and in our search system. Please do not enable ad blockers, as these applications can deprive projects like this from recieving funding that they need to run. Ads are meant to help you find content you may like, while also helping business and projects like us get funds.

Final Note

Thank you for your support, visiting our site, and learning more about us. Enjoy your visit on Warpedia!